Weird Cat Behaviors Explained

Cats make excellent pets. Unlike dogs, they don’t need to be walked regularly so that they can go to the bathroom. They go right in the litter box. This makes cats great pets for people who work all day. They are also quiet animals. If you have a cat, you don’t need to worry about him barking every time someone knocks at the door. While cats do make excellent pets, they do tend to misbehave. If you are planning to adopt a cat, you should first know what are some common behavioral issues in cats. You should also know how to correct the problem if your cat is misbehaving.

#1 Your Cat Is Biting or Scratching People

Feline aggression is a relatively common problem with cats. If your cat starts scratching or biting, it may not be out of aggression. Many cats do these things because they want to play. If you have toys such as feathers, scarves, wands, and interactive toys for your cat to play with, you might notice that he isn’t scratching and biting out of aggression. He just wants to play.

#2 Your Cat Is Keeping You Up at Night Or Waking You Up Too Early

If you are not getting enough sleep and your cat is to blame, there could be a few reasons. He is either doing it on purpose or he may not realize it. If he is playing with his toys, put his toys with bells away and leave out quiet foam balls at night. This will allow him to play quietly. If he is waking you up on purpose by meowing and swatting your face when you are trying to sleep, make sure that he has food and water. If he is hungry, he will have no problem letting you know. He could also be doing this because he is bored. Before you go to bed, make sure that he is getting enough attention and stimulation. If his behavior continues, you should consider getting another cat to keep him company when you are sleeping or when you aren’t around.

#3 Scratching the Furniture or the Walls

Some cats have annoying scratching habits, and they can destroy the furniture or the walls in your home. Cats have a natural instinct to scratch so that they can keep their claws sharp. To keep your cat from causing destruction, you should put a scratching post in the house. This will give him a safe and acceptable place to sharpen his claws. If he continues to use the walls and furniture, keep a squirt bottle close by. If you squirt him when he scratches in places he shouldn’t, he will eventually learn that he isn’t supposed to be scratching these areas.

#4 He Goes Outside the Litter Box Rather Than Inside

If your cat is doing his business outside the litter box, it isn’t because he is trying to drive you crazy. There is likely a reason that he doesn’t want to use the box. First, make sure that he doesn’t have an infection and he is having trouble controlling his bladder. Next, make sure that he can easily get to the litter box. Finally, make sure that the litter box is clean and that he likes the litter that you are using. If you recently switched your cat litter, you should go back to the one that you were originally using.

The common behavioral problems of cats are very easy to fix. If you have the time and patience to break your cat out of these behaviors, he can become the friendly, happy, and cuddly companion that you always wanted him to be.

Want to learn more about your cat?  Consider this cat behavior specialist. Also, if you need a local veterinarian, you may consider checking here.