How To Get A Cat To Stop Peeing On Carpets

It’s one of one of the most aggravating facets of being a cat owner. Cats are picky animals and all too-often make a decision that their litter box is no longer a choice. In this post, I will provide you 3 easy steps on how you can stop your cat peeing on the carpet.

1. Clean the carpet.

If the cat could still smell pee on the rug, he’s most likely to continue going there. You should ensure that the area has actually been cleansed extensively which 100% of the pee has actually been removed. Attempt using something like Nature’s Miracle or comprise a homemade service of vinegar as well as water to clean the location.

2. Prepare to make loud noises.

This might sound odd but if you catch your cat about to pee on your rug, attempt clapping your hands or knocking a book on the table. The cat will certainly be shocked and begin to connect the loud noise with the location that he’s been peeing.

Some people have actually reported success with utilizing a spray container with water in it and offering the cat a spritz when it comes close to the location. Generally, cats hate water so this could additionally aid.

3. Lay down some tin foil on the area.

Attempt to completely cover the area of carpet that the cat has actually been peeing with some tin foil. The feeling of the aluminum foil under the cat’s feet combined with the audio will certainly be enough to discourage her from going to pee at that spot.

My partner and also I have a cat that cost us countless dollars in repair expenses when his peeing on the carpeting wound up decaying via to the floorboards and also ruining both our flooring AND ALSO the neighbors ceiling. We understood we had to take action due to the fact that we just weren’t material with giving our cat up.