Best Couch For Cat Owners 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

I love my cats but one of them has torn my couch all up! Luckily it was an old couch and it was getting close to time to replace it.

I considered talking to a cat expert to get some ideas but I realized that when she started clawing up my couch was about the same time that we threw out her cat pole that she would usually sharpen her claws on. We meant to replace it right away but never got the chance. I guess this was her way of saying, “hurry up!”. LOL!

Because of this, I have been looking at a lot of different options and I decided to do a ton more research in this to find the best couch for cat owners.

Best Couch For Cat Owners 2017 Comparison Table

Stay tuned! I am almost done with this and I will be adding a ton more information as well as some of my top couch picks.

Cats love to lounge, which makes them the perfect companion for people who love to laze around the house, guarding the fort from a preferred position on the couch. If you have given your heart to a cat and are set on spending your life sharing everything with your furry friend, it’s only natural that you pick the right couch for the job. Here are tips for choosing the best couch for cat owners:

Go Dark.

Dark, dusky and muddy colors are often recommended for cat owners, and for good reason. Dark colors are effective at hiding marks, hair and stains. Look for a couch in black, brown, mahogany, burgundy, a deep moss green or similar colors.

Pick the Right Fabric.

A velvet couch may seem like a dream but realistically speaking, it may not work out. Like people, many cats are drawn to the soft texture of velvet and the fabric is notoriously difficult to keep clean. Cat hair will eventually land on that nice, new couch of yours. Consider other fabrics that are easier to care for and more resistant to damage.

Go for Patterns.

Patterns help hide the telltale signs of cats, such as hair, scratch marks and stains. Contrasting colors help because they fool the eyes and break up an otherwise solid color. Although the couch will still need to be vacuumed and wiped periodically, at least the shedding, scratches and tears on the fabric will not be as obvious.

Avoid Deep Textures.

Textures add interest but cat owners should be wary of hair, dirt and pet dander that will get trapped in the wedges or weaves of the couch fabric. Look for a couch that has a smoother fabric surface with a tight weave since these characteristics make it easier to wipe away dirt and hair.

Consider a Leather Couch.

Leather is resistant to pet hair and odor, making it a good contender when choosing the best couch for cat owners. Hair on leather can easily be wiped off using a dry cloth. If a leather couch proves irresistible, consider choosing distressed leather since this does not show scratch marks easily. Leather with a full-aniline dye finish is an excellent option. Do try to avoid a couch with a smooth finish because this is more likely to show damage.

Try Synthetic.

A couch made with synthetic fabric is much easier to maintain, even if it becomes your cat’s favorite spot. Synthetic fibers such as microfibers and Ultrasuede are tightly woven. As such, these can be wiped clean and even withstand scratches and holes from enthusiastic claws. For regular clean-ups, synthetic fibers usually need only a good wiping with a damp sponge soaked in soap and water. The downside is that synthetic fibers are not odor-resistant and may likely require intensive treatment in case of an “accident”.

Buy a Crypton Couch.

Crypton is a process of manufacturing that renders fabric virtually resistant against stains, odor, liquids, soil, dirt, bacteria and mildew. Crypton fabrics are synthetic and can withstand damage due to rough handling from claws and fangs. A Crypton couch is also easy to clean and maintain.

Take Extra Measures.

Even the most cat-resistant couch in your living room will have a better chance at long-term survival if treated with extra protection. Pile a few layers on top of the couch using a throw rug or blanket and a slipcover. These may cover a perfectly lovely couch but the extra barrier will help protect what is underneath. Consider spraying the couch with a fabric protector product. This is a synthetic spray that binds with the fabric, acting as a barrier to protect the upper surface from spills, dirt, oils and hair. As another measure of protection, place a scratching post next to or near the couch. This will help distract your cat and give him a different item to practice his claws on.